Josephine Zhao - Public School Mom for SF Families

First, I want to make it crystal clear: I support all gender bathrooms. I support the rights of transgender people, as I support all people.  Second, I want to apologize for my own part in making this more complicated than it needs to be. I have not always been as clear as I need to be on this issue, and my opponents are seizing on that. But make no mistake: I support transgender rights, and I support all gender bathrooms.  Third, as a school advocate, I have always supported all gender restrooms, and the right of transgender people, of all ages, to use the restrooms they are most comfortable using. Fourth, my opponents are attempting to exploit two things: the meanings and contexts that get confused in translation between Chinese and English; and the confusion among many in my community between “all gender/gender-neutral” restrooms(全性別/中性別的洗手間) and “communal” restrooms(同廁同浴 - everyone goes into the same restrooms).

It’s bad enough that my opponents would exploit a sensitive issue on which we actually agree. The real damage is that the communities I am advocating for are exactly those that need the most outreach, information and inclusion.

I am committed to bridging any divide — and I will support the transgender community with all my heart and energy!

I am a parent, advocate, para-educator and advocate for immigrant families, and I will not be bullied by those who seek to tear me down by dividing us. 

首先,我想說清楚:我支持全性別/中性別的洗手間(all gender/gender-neutral bathrooms)。我支持跨性者的權利,因為我支持所有人。其次,我想為自己把事情变得复杂化道歉。我有时说得不够清楚,我的對手因此抓住這個問題不放。但不要搞錯:我支持跨性別者的權利,我支持 “全性別/中性別的洗手間”(all gender/gender-neutral bathrooms)。第三,作為學校的倡導者,我一直支持全性別/中性別的洗手間,以及所有年齡段的跨性別者使用他們最習慣使用的洗手間的權利。

第四,我的對手試圖利用兩件事:在中英文翻譯中混淆的意義和背景,以及許多我的社區的人在 “全性別/中性別” 洗手間(all gender/gender-neutral bathrooms)和 “同廁同浴” (“communal” restrooms)之間的混淆。我的對手試圖通過利用我們大家都同意的敏感問題,這已經夠糟糕了。真正的伤害是,我所倡導的社區正是那些需要最多外展,信息和包容的社區。

我致力於彌合任何分歧 - 我將全心全意地支持跨性別社區!